Sunday, December 04, 2005

Perfect timing

Leave it to my employer to pick the perfect time to hire me as a full-time permanent employee after I’d been working there as a temp. on and off since December 2001. They hired me retroactive to November 1. That means that they missed having to pay me for the High Holidays by mere weeks. It also means that I was made a full-time permanent employee only weeks before the senior assistant was scheduled to go out on vacation. Hmm, methinks that’s the real reason why the boss got me my own computer so quickly: The senior assistant won’t let anyone else use her computer—too much confidential information therein—and the boss couldn’t have had me answering phones as long as I was still working on the public-access computers at the other end of the hall.

In plain English, I’m going to be up to my ears in the boss’s phone calls—not to mention questions from the new junior assistant that I probably won’t be able to answer—for the next two weeks.


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